If you never did‍‍‍, you should.  These things are fun, and fun is good.  Dr Seuss.

Bring your own vessel and delight in the wonders of a largely untouched coastline.  

You can cruise much of the Whanganui Inlet and Big River further south if you have 4WD and trailer, numerous r‍‍‍iivers including The Wairoa, Mangarakau, Paturau,  Turimawiwi, Anaweka & Big River.

Lake Otuhie is incredibly scenic and interesting, about 10 km south of Kahurangi Outpost. The bird life on this lake is second to none.

Information on the Lake Otuhie walking track (on private land) can be obtained from reception.


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kayak Mangarakau stream
Kayak Sandhill creek