“You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.”

Cross Anatori River on foot and head out to the coastline. The walk to Kahurangi Point is an unmarked route along the beach; a wild and often windswept coastline in a vast, isolated landscape.

Enjoy a  4 - 5-hour walk down the coast on the hard sand to Kahurangi Lighthouse.  Your destination is 3 hours from Turimawiwi river.  

You can stay in the old lighthouse keeper's house, owned by DOC.  Details are here

Anaweka River must be crossed at the beach as there is no way around the wide estuary inland

At Big River head up the estuary and wade across where its seems the shallowest.

Spend a ouple of days exploring the area at a leisurely pace.

Lagoon Creek has lovely lowland bush.  Check out the history here of past lighthouse keepers and their families who lived in complete isolation.

Rock pools creatures include baby moki and butterfish, crabs and sea life you probably haven't seen for many years.

You can take a leisurely walk down to Kahurangi River, visiting the lighthouse on the way.

‍‍Spend time at Kahurangi falls (10 minutes walk) from the river mouth.  The water falls into a pristine pool surrounded by lush bush right up to the waters edge.  On a hot day the pool is perfection!

Kahurangi Keepers' House and lighthouse are in Kahurangi National Park so no dogs are permitted and vehicles should be kept only on the beach and in the area immediately around the house.


‍‍‍Kahurangi Lighthouse

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