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Whitebait nets, Sandhill creek


One Fish, T‍‍‍wo Fish Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss

‍‍‍Whitebaiting in season. Find out about whitebaiting regulations at this link.

Surf cast from the Paturau or in fact, anywhere you feel like fishing along the vast and secluded coastline.

Enjoy fly fishing on the rivers.  Trout is caught in the Paturau river.

Eeling is fun night time adventure for the kids and we have eels in most rivers and in Lake Otuhie.

See pamphlets pinned on the wall at The Outpost

Whanganui Inlet from the Wairoa River is a Marine Reserve.

As you head out from Pakawau, you can fish the coast and either side of Muddy Creek, and the seaward side of the Wairoa, Banjo Creek etc.

From the far side of Knuckle Hill fishing is prohibited on either side of the road with one exception. fishing is allowed from the Mangarakau Wharf and that is just ten mins drive f‍‍‍rom The Outpost   In effect you are allowed to fish within the marine reserve from the Mangarakau wharf.

Reserve Information

Whitebait fishing sandhill creek
Mangarakau old warf, fishing area
Fly fishing Paturau river