Whitebaiting in season and surfcasting.  There are trout in the Paturau and eels in most rivers and also in Lake Otuhie.  Whanganui Inlet from the Wairoa River is a Marine Reserve; Reserve information here.

As you head out you can fish the coast and either side of Muddy Creek, and the seaward side of the Wairoa, Banjo Creek etc but not the coast side. From the far side of Knuckle Hill fishing is prohibited on either side of the road with one exception.  Fishing is allowed from the Mangarakau Wharf and just ten mins drive from The Outpost See pamphlets pinned on the wall.  

Diving & Swimming

Crayfish, paua, butterfish.  Experience and care is needed, this is a wild coast.   Your own dive gear required.

Children safely swim in our healthy salt water pool, the Paturau River mouth lagoon or in rock pools on the coast.  Swimming in the open Tasman sea is for the experienced, as the coastal rip is dangerous.


Caving & Rock Climbing

The limestone cliffs abound in caves and holes (tomos).  All are on private land and require landowner's permission.  We can obtain that for you with notice, guiding yo‍‍‍u to a hidden cave which is suitable for the inexperienced.  If you are inexperienced and want to do more then contact a caving club.  They come here regularly and will sometimes allow novices.



Many surfers gather at the Anatori River, this is for the experienced only.  The next stop could be Australia!  


Hor‍‍‍se Treks

See Cape Farewell Horse treks for trek information. They organise a 4½ day horse trek to Kahurangi Lighthouse or if you are an experienced rider, contact reception and we may be able to arrange a beach/farm ride

For data on Kahurangi Lighthouse see:

Kahurangi Point Route‍‍‍

Official data on Kahurangi National Park

Groups & Adventures‍‍‍

School Groups

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Bird Watching / Ornithology


Whether you're here to experience all the adventures that the rugged west coast of Golden bay has to offer, or more chilled excursions closer to home, The Outpost is the perfect place to base yourself.

Conveniently located and with easy access to rivers, lakes‍‍‍, sea, forests, mountains, you can not go wrong.  

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