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An exquisite scene  unfolds an arial view of The Outpost from the Lookout Tree



Whether you're here to experience all the adventures that the rugged west coast of Golden bay has to offer, or more chilled excursions closer to home, The Outpost is the perfect place to base yourself.


Gatherings-galore!  Weddings, 21st, 50th, dance parties, reunions, retreats or just an excuse to get together with all your mates, safe in the knowledge that there’s beds for everyone and tolerant neighbours!    

The Outpost facilities are just what you need to make your occasion one to remember. We may be off the beaten track, but the effort is worth it and no one will be in a hurry to leave.

There’s plenty of parking space in summer and more than enough lawn (in season) for marquees.  

The large school house and wide, covered veranda space can support Indoor events for groups up to 80.   We are happy to discuss any ideas you may have to help make your event a success and can put you in touch with quality sound hire and local musical talent.  

Whatever the occasion. The Outpost will leave you with lasting memories.

Family and Friends

Spend time with your whãnau and friends than in the privacy of your own private valley, tucked away in our secluded corner of Kahurangi National Park.  

Stay right where you are and enjoy our facilities, or use us as a base camp as you go fishing, tramping or mountain-biking down to any of the accessible beaches including the Anatori at the end of the road.

Four bunk rooms, a cabin and plenty of beds means different families can have their own space and plenty of room for camping too.  

The large kitchen means lots of room for the cooks.   Meals can be enjoyed in our spacious lounge or out on the grounds, three picnic tables around the BBQ.

Winter is no exception.  The large fireplace and comfy couches mean you can be cosy and warm with your besties and relies at any time of the year.

Enjoy endless scenic adventures and space to run around or just grab a book and enjoy the sun.  Come and experience a low electromagnetic environment, it's food for the soul!



As you head out from Pakawau, you can fish the coast and either side of Muddy Creek, and the seaward side of the Wairoa, Banjo Creek etc.  The Whanganui Inlet from the Wairoa River is a Marine Reserve.  

From the far side of Knuckle Hill fishing is prohibited on either side of the road with one exception, fishing is allowed from the Mangarakau Wharf and that is just ten mins drive from The Outpost   In effect you are allowed to fish within the marine reserve from the Mangarakau wharf.  Snapper, cod,  kahawai, flounder, rig and whitebait could be on your menu at the Outpost tonight!

Surf cast from the Paturau or in fact, anywhere you feel like fishing along the vast and secluded coastline.   Enjoy fly fishing on the rivers.  Sea trout is regularly caught in the Paturau river during whitebait season.

Eeling and floundering are fun night time adventures for the kids.  We have eels in most rivers and in Lake Otuhie.

Nugget Cafe'

The Nugget Cafe is open from 11am to 5pm January & February all weekends and public holidays until Easter.  

Owner Mandy makes the best coffee in Golden Bay and great tucker too.  The Nugget can provide your group with evening meals by arrangement.  These meals should be booked 1 week notice prior to arrival.  

Phone 3 524 8051 or e-mail to talk to them about options.


Bird Watching

What better way to practice ornithology than being in the heart of the Kahurangi National Park!  At night you will hear the haunting call of the ruru (morepork) and the little owl which populates part of the park.  

In season you will see fern birds, ngirungiru (tomtit showen here), shining cuckoo, bittern, kereru, small owl, tui, pukeko, komako (the delightful bellbird), riflemen, piwakawaka, karearea (NZ falcon), brown creepers, tauhou (silver eye), riroriro (grey warblers), toutouwai (robin) spotless & the marsh crake, kotuku (white heron), Californian quail, pihihoi (pipit, yellow hammer), as well as an assortment of ducks including the rare blue duck, geese & sea birds like the spoonbill.  The Great Spotted Kiwi are occasionally sighted in the park.


Walks, Caving, Tramping

If you like to walk/ tramp or cross train, Mangarakau is the place to base yourself while you explore the west coast of Golden Bay, Kahurangi National Park and the Wanganui inlet.

The Old Paturau Bridge

Highly recommended for all the family.  Turn right at Snake Creek Road.  Follow the dirt road to the telephone exchange opposite Wetland View Park.  Park your non 4WD vehicle there and continue 30 mins on foot.  If you have a 4WD you may proceed with caution following the old forestry road for 10 mins.  Park at the end of the road.  The bush track follows the Paturau River for 20 - 30 mins through magnificent old rata and nikau forests.   When you wander out into a sunny grove, you are almost at the destination of the old Paturau Bridge.  If you are patient you might even get a glimpse of the rare blue duck.  The blue duck is a river specialist, and one of the few waterfowl worldwide that live year round on fast-flowing rivers.  Check the weather as the rivers can and do fill fast.

Knuckle Hill NZMS M25

After driving across the Banjo Creek Bridge (on your way to The Outpost) you will wind your way up a long hill.  Once on the top look for a sign on the left that says “Knuckle Hill”.  Park your car - this is where you begin walking to the top of Knuckle Hill climbing to a height of 506 m.  The distance is 5 km one way.  There are great views over Wanganui Inlet, Farewell Spit, sometimes even Mt Taranaki on a clear day.   This is an excellent tramp for a fine winter’s day.  The first 3.5 km is the old logging road and can be mountain biked over.  Some enthusiasts have biked to the top!

Anatori to the Kahurangi Lighthouse

Cross Anatori River on foot and head out to the coastline.  The walk to Kahurangi Point is an unmarked route along the beach; a wild and often windswept coastline in a vast, isolated landscape.  

Enjoy a  4 - 5-hour walk down the coast on the hard sand to Kahurangi Lighthouse.  Your destination is 3 hours from Turimawiwi river.  

You can stay in the old lighthouse keeper's house, owned by DoC by arrangment.

Anaweka River must be crossed at the beach as there is no way around the wide estuary inland.  

At Big River head up the estuary and wade across where its seems the shallowest.  Spend a couple of days exploring the area at a leisurely pace.

Lagoon Creek has lovely lowland bush.  Check out the history here of past lighthouse keepers and their families who lived in complete isolation.

Rock pools creatures include baby moki and butterfish, crabs and sea life you probably haven't seen for many years.  You can take a leisurely walk down to Kahurangi River, visiting the lighthouse on the way.‍‍  

Spend time at Kahurangi falls (10 minutes walk) from the river mouth.  The water falls into a pristine pool surrounded by lush bush right up to the waters edge.  On a hot day the pool is perfection!

Kahurangi Keepers' House and lighthouse are in Kahurangi National Park so no dogs are permitted and vehicles should be kept only on the beach and in the area immediately around the house.

Kaituna Track NZMS M25

This tramp is 17.4 km one way.  After driving across the Banjo Creek you will wind your way up a long hill.  Once on the top you will see a wonderful view of the entrance to Wanganui (Westhaven) Inlet.  Enjoy the view.  Look for a sign that says “Knuckle Hill”.  You can park off the road on the side of this track.  Start walking from here.  You will initially be following the old logging road for about 4.3 km.  From the end of the old logging road the next 13.1 km of track you will follow are lightly marked to the top of Knuckle Hill.  You need to allow up to 7 or 8 hours in total, depending on fitness.  There are some steep areas and two river crossings which may be very swift or deep after heavy rain.  Soon you will be able to treck up to the Tai Tapu goldfields.

Patarau to Anatori or reverse NZMS M25

This coastal walk is 8.4 km one way.  It is best to use two vehicles, (unless you want to walk both ways).  We recommend that you leave one vehicle at the Patarau River mouth.  To get there you turn right out of The Outpost and drive about 10kms to the Patarau River bridge.  Cross it, turn right and drive to the beach.  Leave one car there, all pile into the other car and drive to the Anatori River mouth.  Those doing the walk can now enjoy a very beautiful coastal walk back to the vehicle at the Patarau River mouth.  

This beach walk is best at low tide.  Anatori River to Sandhill Creek is approx 4 km.  Sandhill Creek to Patarau River is 4.4 km.  You may like to swim in rock pools at low tide and picnic on the way.  There are some very impressive rock formations.  

Turimawiwi River to Kahurangi Lighthouse NZMS L25/M25

After leaving the Turimawiwi River you can walk 3.4 km to the Anaweka River and another 3.2 km more to Big River (fordable 1 hr either side of low tide when not in flood or discoloured).  Another 2.8 km more will take you to the DoC house which is spacious and was once the home of the lighthouse keeper.  The lighthouse is just over another km further on and a nice easy stroll the next morning for that special photograph to show that you have made it.  

Lighthouse to Heaphy River NZMS L25/L26

nly 30 km but very, very tough and only to be undertaken by the fittest and most resourceful of trampers.  It is written up in the New Zealand Geographic Number 14 April June 1992, and we would advise you to read this article if you are thinking of attempting the tramp.  Sometimes an eight hour day produced 4 km of progress for these adventurous and exhausted trampers.  There will be times when you will need to wait for the tide to recede before you can continue and ropes will be needed to scale cliffs where the beach is impassable.  This is a challenge not to be attempted lightly.

Lake Otuhie

This walk is a free Department of Conservation walk.  It is well signposted but closed at lambing time.  Go south from Kahurangi Outpost over the Paturau Bridge and on to the Sandhill Creek bridge which has a shut gate at the end of it.  The track begins to the left.  Please leave all gates as you find them and do not bring dogs. ‍‍

Short Walks The “Lookout Tree” takes 10 minutes to reach from the right back corner of  The Outpost land.  Hop over the boundary, veer right and cross the creek.  Veer left to find the easy to see track.  Follow the track uphill to the big rata tree for a fantastic view over the swampland and beyond.  The area around the tree is holy ground and from this tree there is a magnificent view over Mangarakau that was well known to many Mangarakau pupils.   The surrounding bush land is a wonderful playground.  If you decide to climb on the lookout tree you do so at your own risk.  There are no handrails on a tree.


Just across the road you will find numerous short walks through the Mangarakau Swamp Reserve.  Bitterns can be heard booming in spring.  *Please note;  Roundup and other poisons are used at the Swamp Trust property so please ensure you wear footwear at all times.



Bring your own vessel and delight in the wonders of a largely untouched coastline.  You can cruise much of the Whanganui Inlet and Big River further south if you have 4WD and trailer, numerous rivers including the Wairoa, Mangarakau, Paturau,  Turimawiwi, Anaweka & Big River.  Lake Otuhie is incredibly scenic and interesting, about 10 km south of Kahurangi Outpost.  


Surfing on the Paturau and the Anatori

Paturau Beach is a remote beach on the West Coast just minutes from the Outpost.   The beach consists of a left hand point break at the southern end of the beach, which has some boulders high on the beach and at the point.  The rest of the beach is sand with a main peak on the river mouth and other peaks on the north side of the river.  The point offers a nice fast wave that provides some long rides.  The peaks offer nice fun, waves both right and left handers.  The peaks can change a bit depending on tide and river conditions.  Being so remote there's not usually any crowds, you often have the beach to yourself.  Like all river mouth breaks, watch out for rips and currents.


Anatori Beach is a remote beach on the West Coast 30 minutes from the Outpost.  The beach consists of a left hand river bar break and beach breaks to the north and south, on a sandy beach.  The river break offers a long wally powerful wave.  The beach break peaks offer nice fun, waves both right and left handers. The bar and peaks can change a bit depending on tide and river conditions.  Being so remote, there's not usually any crowds, you can often have the beach to yourself.  Like all river mouth breaks, watch out for rips and currents.  If your adventurous you can drive further south on the rough 4wd tracks and find other point breaks and beach breaks ALL to YOURSELF!



The Kahurangi National Park and coastal beaches are alive with scenic spots perfect for any picnic.  Beaches, sand dunes, rivers, forests or caves.  

With notice Rows can whip up a great lunch, whether it‘s a romantic picnic for two or a feed for the family, we can do it.  Enquire before arrival for picnic catering.